A Greener Tradition

Over 60 years of greener thinking.

Gregory Kasparian was considering the environment long before the colour green was in style. After taking over the business from his father in the early 1960s, Kasparian’s architect advised him not to bother with insulation, seeing as natural gas was so inexpensive. Kasparian did something that was then uncommon, but what he felt was right. Forgoing the cheap route, he insulated the entire building in order to save energy instead of money.

Kasparian was determined to minimize the amount of water used to clean hundreds of rugs coming through Turco Persian every week. So, he installed automatic shut-off sensors that close the taps when there’s no rug on the wash line. As a result, Turco Persian’s water usage was reduced by half.

Turco Persian now uses a hot-water heating system designed by QuikWater that is 99% efficient. LED lights have been equipped in the plant as well as the showroom with electronic regulators.  Turco Persian also uses a locally made soap that is biodegradable and free of harsh detergents.

The air in the drying room was once vented outside, until Kasparian spent $48,000 to install an intricate system that re-circulates air and heats the water used to clean rugs, saving $20,000 a year in gas bills and excess energy.
Turco Persian continues to wrap their rugs for delivery in biodegradable unbleached recycled paper and is now exploring water harvesting techniques.
While Kasparian and his daughter Jessica continue to do their part, they consider their efforts only small steps to reducing their footprint.